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Vanessa was filming a music video as an extra when Kobe happened to be in the same building. The media criticized her for wearing a T-shirt that read "Fashionable [expletive]" to a game. Some people viewed her as strong and protective of her family.

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She would soon marry Bryant and become something more than just a side note to his storied basketball career. Barely in his 20s, Bryant was also moving in music industry circles, trying to launch a side career that would never get far.

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He met Vanessa and, according to her friends, began sending roses to Marina High and picking her up after school. Posted December 2, 0. Posted June 14, 0. Katelyn Faber and Kobe Bryant are separated Brandy and Kobe Bryant. Sparks flew and she was so inundated by paparazzi while trying to attend Marina High School that she had to finish high school via independent study.

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Vanessa Laine had been swept into the spotlight overnight. Posted June 9, 0.

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Brandy did very well without Kobe however, going on to sell some 30 million records throughout her career. Even so, Vanessa became the first and only woman to become a Kobe Bryant wife.

You may have heard that Joanna Gaines is abandoning her Whatever the reason, it certainly challenges any nothing of a reconciliation between Kobe Bryant and wife Vanessa Bryant in order to avoid their pending divorce. Bernie Sanders, Maxine Waters and others on the election and what it wrought.

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View the discussion thread. Ticalosu Jan 10, Kobe is all day a virgo and it was definetely the best player. The allegation led to an angry telephone exchange between Bryant and Malone, who denied making a pass but apologized for saying anything that might have offended her. Color us jaded in regards to this rumor, as it would be a shocking turn of events to see these two be so public with their alleged affair.

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Six months after Natalia's birth, Bryant was charged with sexual assault stemming from a complaint by a year-old hotel worker in Colorado.

Jessica Burciaga is rumored to be dating Kobe Both Rice and Bryant have a somewhat sordid history with various relationship failings and if they wanted to hide something, being together in public seems like a poorly laid out plan.

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She told the detectives that when she tried to leave, he blocked her path, bent her over a chair, held her by the neck and raped her, according to sheriff's records. The following year brought more drama when Vanessa accused Lakers forward Karl Malone of acting inappropriately toward her at a game.