Sprint airave hookup Airave Set Up and Troubleshooting

Sprint airave hookup

There are already a lot of 3G picos and micros attached to lampposts in urban areas.

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In the FAQ, it sprints airave hookup the versions that can be used as: I did check the link to see if I'm in an "Airave area," and I am. I wonder this as well. Here is the guide that I used initially: We have one at our house because the signal is so poor. Its a last ditch effort to keep me as a customer from the lousy service ive received over the past 5 years. The Airave just uses the data connection to sprint airave hookup your signal.

I just received a Sprint Airave 2. Try making a phone call.

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It was exchanged for another that only worked if it was upside down. Setup Disconnect the power from all devices on your network including the cable or DSL modem and router. Place the Airave close to a window and somewhere centrally located, preferably elevated.

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Need help setting up your Airave or some troubleshooting tips? What kind of coverage can I expect from the Airave and can it be increased? One of the unadvertised benefits for people with next to no signal is significant battery life improvement.

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I've been trying since Friday to get it to work. I've tried plugging it directly into the cable modem and plugging it into the router.

Also, what router are you using, and what firmware revision. Just make sure it meets all of the following criteria:.

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I have gone through four of these 3 used and 1 new My recommendation has been to buy new. Dating websites eastern europe.


I also was unable to download anything from the play store, it would just hang. Connect the GPS cord to the antenna module and the Airave. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Activation If you're unable to get your recently activated Airave working, go through the following steps: Online dating tips when to ask for number. The Airave has turned a crappy work signal and a terrible home tower into something I can live with while I milwaukee dating ideas the the upgrades to both towers that are in the works.

Setup Disconnect the power from all devices on your network including the The Airave is a device that uses your internet connection to improve your cellular signal. Is there a monthly active line fee to have the Airave? I think my refurb Airave isn't quite refurbed enough.

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