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Remington knife dating

Somewhere along the way, Remington began adding other knife series to supplement the annual Bullet, commemorative and special edition knives. Buy Browse By Category: Schrade Bill Of Rights.

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I've been trying date it by the brand name stamp "Remington. Instead of jumping into the knife lake fully clothed, the company very tentatively stuck a toe in the water. In fact, I would suggest to all that are dealing with this to purchase a good quality jeweler's loupe or magnifying glass of at least 10X power, as with some of the later models, the cracks can go undetected without one.

That is why we are excited to take our partnership to the next level, beginning in That way you would not have to expose the knife to expansion and contraction from the sudden change in temperatures, where-by possibly invoking a crack to suddenly appear from no-where!

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One has the two middle pins at an angle, the other has them in-line, up-and-down. Some people even take free dating in europe as far as to say that light handling scratches on the bolsters, can render the knife at less than mint.

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However, there is no such graphic on the actual knife. The jigging is deeper and bolder than I am used to and this makes the handle both look and feel good.

Whether or not they were authorized to manufacture any additional Remington brand knives is unclear. Brass Bolsters and pins: New knives will also be added to the lower cost Remington Sportsman Series. Cookies BladeForums Becker Giveaway!

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The Remington trademark has marketing power. Similarly, the and series seem well established. Also, a number of commemorative knives have been produced during the modern era.

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At the remington knife dating of this writing, there is still a cutlery link on the Remington website, but the page it should lead to has been removed. I could find no documentation of when this started or what companies may have made these knives for Remington. For instance, the now discontinued thankfully Vintage Series, made in China, featured clear remington knife dating handle scales with cheesy poster art scenes underneath.

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The design of these knives will stress function over fashion, while materials and production methods will be chosen to achieve solid quality for a moderate price. The blades are shown in the half stop position in the image above.

The next in line is theR Hunter.

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History Remington Arms Co. Now we begin, I'll start off with the knife that started it all, theR Trapper. Search Media New Media. I would characterize the Heritage Line as solid quality, traditional knives. Bulldog Brand Image Gallery. The knives with cracks are another story. My knife has excellent fit and finish. I do not have a strong feeling about how this line will evolve, except that I expect a few more fixed blade knives to be added.