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Kt boundary dating

The reduction of these seas greatly altered habitats, removing coastal plains that ten million years before had been host to diverse communities such as are found in rocks of the Dinosaur Park Formation.

The new date for the impact — 66, years ago — is the same within error limits as the date of the extinction, said Renne, making the events simultaneous.

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These layers do not show the tilting and distortion associated with mountain building ; therefore, the likeliest explanation is a regressionthat is, a buildout of sediment, but not necessarily a drop in sea level. Wijbrans of the Free University in the Netherlands to obtain convincing evidence. The new extinction date is precise to within 11, years.

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Date of dinosaur extinction fixed more accurately than ever before Issued: The KT boundary and the K-Pg are synonymous. Its age is usually estimated at around 66 Ma million years ago[2] with radiometric dating yielding a more specific age of This would account for the extinction of plants and phytoplankton and of organisms dependent on them including predatory animals as well as herbivores.

Csotonyi However, it now seems as though dinosaurs may have been more tenacious than originally thought. How could such a kt boundary dating happen? However, analysis of the boundary layer sediments failed to find Pu[28] a supernova byproduct which is the longest-lived plutonium isotope, with a half-life of 81 million years.


CJSF Perhaps you are about one million years old? Was it a comet or asteroid impact? International Commission on Stratigraphy.

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Holing up in the relatively few life-sustaining niches, organisms quickly recovered and diversified extraordinarily rapidly during the Cambrian period once conditions improved. Home University news Archive of news February.

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Argon-argon dating uses a kt boundary dating spectrometer to measure the ratio of radioactive potassium in a sample of rock to its decay product, argon. These alternating climatic periods are caused by ,year and ,year cycles in Earth's orbital eccentricity. Another discredited cause for the K—Pg extinction event is cosmic radiation from a nearby supernova explosion. The ratio of argon to argon then provides a measurement of the age of the sample.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This high O 2 level would have supported intense combustion. Many people think precision is just about adding another decimal place to a number, but it's far more exciting than that. Renne and his colleagues in Berkeley and in the Netherlands now have lowered this uncertainty to 0. This direct dating of fossilized prehistoric bone is especially important because creationists have long bemoaned the required dependence of our calculation of the age of fossils on measurement of the rock matrix in which they are found.

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The impact may also have produced acid raindepending on what type of rock the asteroid struck.