Happy school hook up getting ready for prom Happy school hook up getting ready for prom

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I have the three keys already and i went in the middle of gym and classroom building then turned left but nothin. Sheena is not saying anything to help, the map too is not heling, it keeps returning me back to sheena.

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But try googling it. Can u give me the detail?

Hook-Up 11: Prom Preparation

As soon as you walk in the main building go to the right there is a classroom. I'm trying and trying, im so confused. I have read all of your notes here and still have no clue as to how to pick up the fishing rod.

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I have found all keys and where the time capsule is but I dont know how to get the keys or the capsule Miranda Burton January 10, at 1: Most Popular in School. Akak bole tolong x?? I've for the toothpaste and lemonade and I can't find the veggies.

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happy school hook up getting ready for prom

I'm pretty sure I only found two in the lunch area, but I can't seem to find the third one. How do yu get the key frm the principals office I'm totally stuck help? We are proud supply personalised uniform schools across UK oklahoma city heartache heartland. It's funny that noone will. Magpatuloy sa Susunod na Parte.

Happy school hook up getting ready for prom

Dawn Grant February 27, at 9: You'll have to get the mascot costume from the gym. I went to the janitors Closet but i cant grab the fishing pole help. Jennifer Managi January 21, at 7: Last time I had 3 valentine cards but when I repeat the game I only got 2 valentine cards I've looked through everything and do not think!

Once outside, you get to flirt with Lena or Ben, depending on who you play as.

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I've collected the 3 keys and located the time capsule but i can't get it?? I can't happy school hook up getting ready for prom to Sid or somethings like that, so, I can't find boutonniere Happy quotations happiness, unhappiness, attitude, quote garden. If so where do i find a spade or whatever?? Have spoken to sid and am now trying to get the rod so as to get the math paper but for some reason i still cannot and whenever i speak to sid it just shows a few dots

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