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Nooo, never, I don't care how hot he was.

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He left and I just had a warm feeling come over me that something was different. Just recently started dating a doctor and want to take a romantic tropical vacation together? It's frowned upon no matter where you work, because of what happens when shit goes bad.

So you may have fallen in love with her beside the photocopier and she may have flipped for your computer skills, but both of you must weigh a number of considerations before you start dating. He obviously wanted everyone to know that his future ex-girlfriend was a lesbian and that he got to watch but not touch them go at it.

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Especially do not date someone who reports directly to you or whose future security, promotion and career advancement depends on you. I've seen it anywhere from "ha ha they think they are hiding things aren't they cute.

Making bad decisions has always been something I have had a knack for Reply With Quote. I've seen 2 co-workers dating coworkers hospital, to my lasting regret. She quit and he got demoted and dropped from the line of potential successors to the dating coworkers hospital.

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Granted, there is the possible issue of sexual harassment if a dating couple breaks up, but that could also happen with a married couple who gets divorced.

Come clean about other affairs Before you start a new romance with a co-worker who happens to be the girl of your dreams, you must confess to her about previous romances in the workplace, if any.

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Witness are free to talk about it behind my back, or ask me direct; i will give you every detail you could ever want, and then some. I started as a CNA.

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Jun 19, '16 by springchick1, ADN. When THEY broke up, they didn't speak.

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Depends how hot she is. Then don't do it. If the people can be adults about it, then it shouldn't be an issue. However, before he and I got together, he must have dated every travelor that came through our unit and broke up with some of them before their contracts were up.

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And 15 years older than I am, and I am still not interested. Similar situation for me. They all probably interact less than anyone else.

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I had a bad experience asking a coworker out in the past, BUT, in hindsight, it turns out she's seven shades of crazy. The man who was assigned to orient me to the new unit. Been there, done that.

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