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She was hospitalized for twice as long this time, and it took her longer to try any sort of medicine. From my experience your only Submitted by alicia h on April 11, - In the beginning, I would look for signs of it. She by the way has quit or never followed through on jobs about 8 different times since then.

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Mike, good for you for learning about Bipolar Disorder and doing what you need to do to manage it. Have Bipolar Type II. I am 29 and i have lived with bipolar all my life and not known about, i could be happy and talkitve with my freinds and work colleges in the morning and in the evening i couldnt look at them they would irritate me so much, recently i had a really bad spell where i was going up and down so much and wanted to kill my self, my partner made me go to the hospital to go get checked out, this is where i was diagnosed with rapid cycling bipolar i was prescribed really good medication that has helped my life no end, dont be afraid to talk about it or go get checked out guys it helps so much and you are not alone.

It began January last year.

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She broke up with me about 3 months ago. You do not have to apologize for how you were made.

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As stated in the article I was on constant patrol of her moods and always walking on eggshells. I'm saying that being in a relationship with someone with mental illness is often more work than it's worth because you can find someone else with those same wonderful qualities sans the illness. I suspect my fiancee of has bipolar depression Submitted by Mitch on January 14, - 1: Same thing happened to me with my ex boyfriend.

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Sometimes you have to ride the wave with them but sooner or later they WILL do something extreme and it will be the last dating a woman with bipolar disorder Be prepared to walk away and not look back. Not only will she ignore anything said by the people that love her more than anything, but, she also lashes out when she has these episodes such as bringing up very old and previously forgiven mistakes to hurt those around her.

My ex-girlfriend was diagnosed with Bipolar 2 just before we started dating. I feel like there is nothing I can do and I don't want to lose her, I love her so much but I don't know what to do.

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This mood shift often spills over to others, and this can set the tone for the mood in the entire house. The organization offers groups in many communities in which you can meet others who have loved ones with mental illness, and you can also work with others to advocate for greater understanding of mental illness.

She is now taking a low dosage of sapphris and couldn't be healthier. Their marriage went much the same way as their dating had gone.

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The potential for a lot of hurt is there, even if you're just platonic friends. Im married i have bi polar depression i know my triggers and whenni blow up i overly specific dating sites up. Some research does suggest a higher divorce rate than across the general population for couples where one spouse has bipolar disorder.

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The job did't fit her "creative" dating a woman with bipolar disorder, which she seems to justify because many successful people are Bipolar according to her research. While there is a lot of truth in this article, it seems to speak to people who are in the earliest phases of addressing a bi-polar diagnosis, or people who have trouble managing their disorder.

Bipolar Disorder: Loving Someone Who Is Manic-Depressive

Sometimes she sees me getting abnormally paniced or despondent, but I bring myself down and balance myself out. I'm going to guess you either have issues with reading comprehension, or are mentally ill and feel a way about what I said. And her being off her medicine, she relapsed.