Dating a phd student long distance The two-body problem (long distance relationship and phd)

Dating a phd student long distance, why do i have to complete a captcha?

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TychoCelchuuu on March Potentilla [Registered User] 24 July On the other hand, I don't really see what other options I have. Also, have you actually tried looking for postdocs yet?

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My girlfriend and I met in college, and we've had a wonderful relationship ever since. A new university from what I understand would basically be like starting over. We talk almost every day, and I only get to visit her about once a month or so.

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So while I'm the one making a "sacrifice" this time, down the road, she may need to be the one make a sacrifice for me. We see eachother for about one weekend a month but we're hoping that when I'm writing up I will be able to spend more time visiting him and working there.

Start-ups tend to be pretty light on the "trying cool things just to try them" and pretty heavy on the "just get it done".

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Does anyone have experience with this? Otherwise you may really regret it and it has the potential to impact you as a couple, since it could affect where you get a job, your earning potential, etc. Getting a post-doc out there might work, but it's hardly a sure thing that I'll be able to find one in anything even vaguely approaching my academic area in the right geographical location.

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And it's difficult because of the fact that my days off work are in the middle of the week, and she still has a few datings a phd student long distance left before she finishes graduate school. Everyone would love to get out in 4 years, but it is not as simple as writing down a plan. PM if you want to talk some more. I am not an expert in academia, nor in the LA job market.

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Are you willing to consider a job in industry to stay with your partner? They will have their own views and will be able to give you their own take on your situation.

However, it is some of your questions that are more concerning: With time you'll get used to it and will fall into a pattern of working. Alternatively, what are your chances of getting a tenure-track position where your partner lives?