Dating a nurse 21 Secrets People Who Date Nurses Will Never Tell You

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For example, you are out to dinner with your nurse wife, another nurse couple, and two civilian datings a nurse.

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Going through nursing school and becoming a registered nurse is not a task just anyone can complete. Mainly about stuff guys have put up their butts.

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Nurses are trained to take care of people and meet their immediate needs. They are there for your problems because with 12 hours ahead of you, what else are you going to talk about?

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In all of this, I guess I'm asking two questions: They can handle vomit, poop, and blood. Mainly just be there and listen to her.

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No waiting in line. One young nurse had to retake the test twice just to pass. Good luck to you!

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Feb 13, '08 by xviii-xxv. There are nurses everywhere. Nurses work in shifts.

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Nurses remain calm and collected in pretty stressful situations. As she continues to talk to her friend, she gives the stub a good eyeballing, slaps a towel on it, takes out a baggy to put the severed digit in, and tells you to get some ice while she is explaining to her friend that her dummy husband just sawed his finger off.

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More than anything else, we need a shoulder to lean on… and food. Quote from Tweety Do you have a gay brother that feels the same way?

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So, as great as a passionate reunion with our lover sounds, we had a C.