Baptist views on interracial dating Should We Encourage Interracial Marriage?

Baptist views on interracial dating, reader interactions

That goes both ways, too.

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They truly suffer from your counsel. I only request that you try to see if someone could actually instruct their children a certain way without it being racist in your mind.

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Joseph was rewarded by God with his Egyptian wife Asenath Gen 41Esther brought forth life-saving ethnic reconciliation through her marriage to Persian king Xerxes, Song of Solomon the book of the Bible that solely celebrates marital sex portrays Solomon with his dark-skinned wife, and when Miriam spoke poorly of her brother Moses for marrying an African woman, God poetically struck her skin with leprosy—turning her skin white with rotting flesh, allowing Miriam to physically feel how unclean whiteness could be in addition to being viewed as a social outcast due to her skin Num And it is a joy to us all.

If forces those of us who want to teach our children to seek relationships that would match their parents into a very difficult situation.

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So, we should marry within our race — the human race. I was encouraged by a man once to marry an Oriental woman because they knew how to treat a man.

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If that is the case, then are you not supporting evil, or at the very least enabling it by your position?

To teach that people should only marry within certain groups as defined by people rather than by God is to deny the baptist views on interracial dating. I think everything is becoming a lot more clear. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that interracial marriage has no affect on the Spirit, I just do not promote it with my girls. Certainly neither is baptist views on interracial dating.

If you have clear scripture to object my answer I am more than willing to read it. Even 3 way hook up you will have problems.

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Obviously, the journey thus far has been hard for you and, obviously, it will continue to be so unless you see the reality of your self-deception. Or of course it could simply be racism, but I suspect it is sometimes more complicated than that.

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There is still a difference between the races. Many had long hair and wore belled bottom striped pants.


Talk about interracial marriage controversies. I have friends who right now are trying to adopt a child from an African country. It may be underlying reasons I just cannot understand.

Chase — There may be no brands to you, but many approach the obvious and treat them as if there were no brands. This concern usually comes from a misinterpreted understanding of Deuteronomy 7: Bill — I know my stance here does not show open arms to interracial marriage.

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Some people that think they are Christian do not know what I am thinking either, but I tell them about Jesus over and over. Believe me, black people can tell when white people are over doing it. That does not make sense. We only damage ourselves by continuing to argue and wrestle with the biggest straw men ever created.

God have mercy of them and let them see His light to take them out of their darkness. But none of you would understand that. I was raise among poor blacks for the first 20 years of my life. I hear where everyone is coming from. I pursue staying with one as close to my race as possible. I want to be right, but most of all I want my decisions Christ magnified. It sure seems you have a heart-sickness enveloping you.

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